Harry and Louis’ last words: another creepy conspiracy theory about Larry Stylinson

We heard this fandom lacked of conspiracy theories, so we made up something you could be interested about.

Do you, guys, remember this holy, ubiquitous, diabetic tweet?

And did you remind the last bio on the very first Harry’s Instagram?

…’Cause, you know, we didn’t. But we rusteled them up and fatally found out something we’re now going to point out.

With the tweet we were, as you can properly observe, on October the 2nd; just about eight months ago, we figure.
So now the thing is: Louis/Eleanor fans, if there are any, started to say bitchy stuff about something like an obvioulsy fake anniversary or whatever a few days ago, plumping this happy event to be Louis and Eleanor eighth month together.
Must be added: someone also said that was their nineth month as a fake couple and we really don’t care about the exact date, once assumed that Eleanor Calder doesn’t exist (‘cause she’s obviously an acrtess, well paid to pretend to be Louis’ girlfriend).
But what can we infer about all this tweet affair? First of all: 

But, thing is, we don’t know why Louis tweeted that sad crap. We unfortunately can just conjecture, even if our conjectures appear to be insanely accurate.
Here’s the deal:

And, now, about the Instagram bio.
Obviously don’t believe everything you hear, said by a celebrity, can be referred almost exclusively to the rumors. And, in this actual occasion, it can’t be anything but a message, and hidden hint.
Harry’s first Instagram profile, proven legit by some SNL photos that only the real Harry Styles could possibly own, was full of Larry Stylinson stuff. Just to bring a few cases back: the “Lou Lou" New Year’s B/N photo, all the Starbucks’ hand affair, the birthday cake… And that account suddendly disappeared, in the space of one night, leaving as a legacy that lapidary last line.
He was definitely talking about Larry Stylinson; he was without any doubt meaning something like: “we’re gonna lie, guys: whatever I say in front of a camera, don’t beleive me or Louis. We’re just pretending”.

These two sentences can also not be connected at all. But they sound to us more like a sort of last words.
…Ok, that was utterly creepy. But we learned something today, even if we don’t want to believe at any of these theories: Harry will be always in Louis’ heart and we absolutely don’t have to believe everything we hear.
And that, for the moment, is enough.

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